Subdivision Information Sheet


·        City Ordinances do not allow more than 72 consecutive hours of parking on any city street.  The covenants of subdivision do not allow homeowners to park on the street.  All homeowners must have space in their garages or driveway (not blocking the sidewalks-against city law to block thesidewalks) for all vehicles.  Homeowners not observing this rule will be contacted by the association or if blocking thesidewalk, could be towed at the owner’s expense by the city.  The Board has the right per the covenants to assess fines to those that do not follow this ordinance.


·        No recreational vehicles of any type (trailers, boats, etc., or semi trucks) are allowed in the subdivision parked on the street or in the driveway per the rules of the covenants.  They must be housed in your garage if kept at your property. You may temporarily park a recreational vehicle, trailer or semi truck for loading, cleaning, or maintenance only. The Board has the right per the covenants to assess fines to those that do not follow this ordinance.


·        Please pickup all pet droppings when walking your pet in the subdivision.  This is a courtesy to your fellow homeowners and a city ordinance as well.


·        Please note all posted signs at the 3 subdivision lakes—catch and release all fish caught in the lakes so that we do not have to restock the lakes; homeowners and their guests only and ice skating is at your own risk.  Please do not leave your children unattended while ice skating.  It is asked that you be home when you have guests fishing, and make them aware of the rules of the lakes and please do not move fish from where caught.


·        The “lakes”in the subdivision are actually retention ponds, so lakes are chemically treated to keep down the algae since they are not fresh water fed. Therefore, swimming is not allowed, but you may have a small boat for fishing or recreation.  Please do not drink the water, and wash your hands after fishing or playing at the lake for precaution.


·        If you desire to add on a structure to your home, such as a fence, addition, sunroom, or similar items, please remember to contact the architectural committee chairperson for submission of your request to build in the subdivision. 


·        Homeowner’sdues for the subdivision as of September 2017 are $175 for non-lake lots, and $350 for lake lots.  These are payable by October 1st of each year.  The fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30th of the following year.  Please do not pre-pay your dues so that the record keeping can be properly maintained.


·        A homeowner may contact the board at any time at regarding a request, a question, a concern or to volunteer their time. The board will give a response within 30 days of receipt of the letter.


·        A subdivision newsletter is sent out 4 times per year, with other mailings as needed.


·        The subdivision hosts an all-subdivision garage sale in the Spring (usually May) and in the Fall (usually late August or early September).  The homeowner’s dues paid for the 2 large signs that are posted the week of the garage sale, and they also pay for an advertisement to be placed in the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette.  All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Notice of the event will be distributed via the subdivision web page, a flier and/or in the subdivision newsletter.


·        Please do not pick up the rocks along the lake banks and throw them at the animals living in the vicinity.  The decorative river rock is very expensive to replace so we ask that it remain along the banks.  Your cooperation is appreciated!