About Timberline Valley Subdivision

The Board of Directors

The Timberline Valley Homeowner's Association was created in the Fall of 1998, after the completion of the final stage of the subdivision by the developer, John Kenny Homes. Inc.  The subdivision was turned over to the homeowners association board, which is in charge of maintaining and upholding the bylaws and covenants of Timberline Valley Subdivision.  The subdivision board consists of a maximum of seven board members that volunteer their time to the subdivision to conduct business for the homeowners.  They are elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting in September of every year.

The Subdivision Board is in place to help homeowners with needs and concerns, to utilize the homeowner's dues effectively to maintain the commons areas, to send out informational letters to the homeowners on a quarterly basis, along with other expenditures of the subdivision.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the committees, or would like to serve on the board of directors, please contact us and we will discuss it with you!  We are always looking for new people to get involved!

The Subdivision

The first phase of the subdivision was started in 1992, at the southeast corner of the subdivision near Bradley and Duncan Road intersection.  There are four phases of the subdivision that were eventually annexed into the city limits.  There are 189 homes in the subdivision, including lake-lots and non-lake lots.  The subdivision is bordered on all sides by I-57 on the North and the West, by Duncan Road on the East and Bradley Avenue on the South.  There are also three lakes (retention ponds) within the subdivision that are part of the commons areas for use by Timberline Valley North Homeowners ONLY.